Having experienced the powerful impact of dance personally, I have made it my life’s work to hold open that same door for others, especially young people.

I feel a real sense of achievement when I watch the young people I teach blossom into their true selves and develop a sparkle in their eyes and a smile on  their faces.
Alumni of my school, FE’DANCE UK Developing Creative Excellence; have gone on to receive scholarships to prestigious establishments such as Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre (NYC, USA) Hammond School (Chester) and SLP Performing Arts School

(Leeds). Many others, benefitting on the focus, rigour and commitment to personal development that are core to the ethos of my teaching, have gone on to secure degrees in performing arts as well as media, social care and teaching. Many are now pursuing careers in the arts industry.

I also have a mission to share the joy of dance
with a wider community – that’s the purpose of my workshops. My opening line for my classes is: “If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance.”

The purpose is to get people to relax, to tune into their inner selves and in so doing find enjoyment and satisfaction.

After training at The Barbara Sharples School of Dance, I went on to the Manchester Youth Dance Theatre in 1986. Two years later, I became the Artistic Director; a post I held for the next ten years. I have participated in a variety of training workshops in African, Caribbean, Contemporary, and Street Jazz with Peter Badijo OBE; Jackie Guy MBE; Bebe Miller and Urban Bush Woman.

These, along with my Caribbean heritage, have informed my intensive workshops, which fuse aerobics with African and Caribbean dance movements as well as other rhythm and contemporary dance forms. I have developed a variety of unique dance styles, incorporating the many influences that have informed my practice. I am also a qualified fitness instructor and have designed my own fitness classes Soca-Fit and Pulsate.